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The complete solution for 
stock-cubes manufacturing


Suggested machines to begin production

  • Mixer Bonals MHT 600, with fat tank and dosifying tank. Mixing cycle takes about 5-6 minutes. If the mixer is loaded and unloaded manually, the hourly production will reach a maximum of 1,200 kg, depending on the density of the ingredients.
  • Granulator Bonals G-45.  After maturation, it is preferable to granulate again the powder.  The same granulator can be used to recycle pressed cubes.
  • Press Bonals BR-12. 
  • Wrapping machine SAPAL BN-L-2.

  • Together the BR-12 and BN-L2 form and wrap, calculating an efficiency of 95%:

    • 114 kg/hour cubes of 4g
    • 285 kg/hour cubes (tablets) of 10g.
The shape (4 or 10g) of the cube has to be decided at the moment of ordering machines.

It is also recommended to purchase the automatic feeding system for powder, such as proposed by Bonals. This can however be ordered in a further step.

Other necessary equipment:

  • Scales.
  • Laboratory, according to the local legislation.
  • Air-conditioning.
  • Air-dryer.
  • Platform for the mixer (to build locally, according to the Bonals drawing).

Electricity, air, water.

  • Mixer MHT 600 and tanks: 40 KW at start. 
  • Granulator G45: 0.75 KW.
  • Press BR-12: 5.5 KW.
  • Wrapping machine BN-l2: 3.5 KW.
  • Air at 6 bars for the locks of the mixer.
  • Water if the cooling system of the mixer or the wrapping machine (according to the wrapping material) are used.

All the information presented in this page serves as general ideas only.  Before any implementation of the said information, the reader has to verify its contents.  The authors will not be responsible for any consequence due to the use of this information.